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Pacific Skydiving Honolulu


We have an excellent safety record for tandem skydiving activities since we've opened our doors as a skydiving business and that's no small feat. While there is always a risk, we adhere to the highest quality standards for our facility, equipment, and instructors.

All of us here at Pacific Skydiving are trained at the highest level to ensure the comfort and safety of our fellow jumpers. For that reason we will never risk the safety of our guests or staff by jumping in conditions deemed hazardous by our pilots and/or instructors.

It is our policy to prohibit personal cameras, video cameras or GoPros for this reason. We cannot risk compromising the safety of our guests or staff if it is dropped in freefall or under parachute. EVEN THE SMALLEST ITEMS CAN BE DANGEROUS IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY WITHOUT PROPER TRAINING.

Skydiving is a potentially dangerous activity that can result in injury or death. Anyone can skydive but NOT EVERYBODY CAN REACT PROPERLY IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY. There are limitations that come with age, physical fitness, individual circumstances, cameras, etc.. It is up to the discretion of the manager and your instructor to decide upon your ability to skydive, without prejudice, for your own personal safety.

"Gorgeous flight to 14,000ft and tandem skydive in Oahu. The best skydive in Hawaii."

Tandem skydives from 14,000ft!
Highest skydive in Hawaii!

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