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Pacific Skydiving offers the Accelerated Freefall (AFF) program to Oahu Residents who wish to learn to skydive!


Welcome to the World of Skydiving.

We provide the finest skydiving training in the state. All our highly trained USPA instructors and coaches are dedicated to your success and safety while becoming an experienced skydiver.

There are many ways to learn to skydive. At Pacific Skydiving Center we offer an AFF-type training method (Accelerated FreeFall).

After attending a 3-4 hour ground school covering skydiving gear, body position, emergency procedures and basic canopy flight the student is ready for solo AFF jumps. Membership to the United States Parachute Association is required. Our AFF instructors have no physical connection other than their grip on the student once they have completed their tandem progression.

Solo AFF starts with the student wearing their own parachute. The instructor will hold on to the student while in freefall to aid in stability. If the student can demonstrate stability, deploy their own parachute and safely land, the instructor will progress them to the next level.

Each jump will give them more freedom in freefall as they learn to safely skydive. All of our AFF jumps are conducted from over 14,000 FT (weather permitting).

For more information on learning to skydive, visit the United States Parachute Association.

CALL +1 702 900 4000 for more information about our AFF Training Program TODAY!

What Happens After AFF?

After our 7-Jump program, a student is allowed to jump by him/herself or with a coach. There is a checklist card that must be completed along with performing a minimum of 25 skydives before you can recieve your "A" License (First Level skydiving license).

Being a member of the USPA allows any student or licensed skydiver to travel anywhere in the world to jump. Having a license means you are no longer a student and can jump with ANY other USPA LICENSED skydiver anywhere. Our instructors and coaches will mentor the student through this simple process.

A student must make a skydive at least once every 30 days to maintain currency. If a student becomes uncurrent they must make a jump at the previous level with an appropriately rated instructor before they can progress further. Once an "A" License has been issued, the skydiver will have 60 days between skydives before they become uncurrent.

We are a USPA Group Member. For questions about student/experienced skydiver requirements and program, please visit USPA.

Accelerated Freefall (AFF) is the United States Parachute Association's (USPA) student training program. USPA membership is required.

Items PISC Fee Instructor
USPA Membership
(Paid Directly to USPA Yearly)
N/A N/A $ 78
First Jump Course Packet
(SIM, Logbook and Goggles Included)
$ 70 N/A $ 70
First Jump Course Ground School $ 120 $ 100 cash $ 220
LEVEL 1 $ 280 $ 120 cash $ 400
LEVEL 2 $ 280 $ 120 cash $ 400
LEVEL 3 $ 280 $ 120 cash $ 400
LEVEL 4 $ 200 $ 60 cash $ 260
LEVEL 5 $ 200 $ 60 cash $ 260
LEVEL 6 $ 200 $ 60 cash $ 260
LEVEL 7 $ 200 $ 60 cash $ 260
Additional Ground Instruction/Recurrency (~1h) $ 40 $ 30 cash $ 70
Coach Jump (AFF-1) $ 40 $ 50 cash $ 90
TAFF Jump With Ground School
(If Needed)
$ 225 $ 95 $ 320

Fees are paid daily after jump(s). Total cost for AFF levels 1-7 is a minimum of $2500.00. All learning/performance objectives can be fulfilled in 7 jumps, but many times require more to satisfy all goals needed to reach solo skydive status. The cost does not include mandatory coaching jumps required to become licensed.


For AFF call office +1 702 900 4000.
AFF Offered to Oahu Residents Only.

Emergency procedure refresher: $25 paid directly to your instructor.
AFF is offered only to residents of Oahu.

**Paid in cash directly to your instructor. Company charges may be paid with a credit card.
Sign-up for USPA membership at uspa.org. Click the join/renew at the top of the page.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Contact the office for the most updated AFF rates.

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